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MAK Financial Group (MAK), previously trading as Virtue Home Loans, is helping families realise their Australian dream of owning and investing in properties – both residential and commercial since 2016. MAK is a Sydney, NSW based company but MAK operates across Australia and has helped more than 500 families spread across the continent to achieve their Australian dream. The best thing about MAK Financial Group is that we work for our clients and not for the banks, and we strive to stick to our methodology.

At MAK, we streamline the mortgage application process for you in a way so that it becomes really smooth and easy for you to secure your residential and commercial loans.

Firstly, we dig deep to understand your needs and objectives. Secondly, we find the best solutions for your requirements. Thereafter, we filter out the possible deals from our lenders’ panel and provide you the best among them.

To make it easy for you, we take the responsibility of your application, paper work and take you through the settlement. But hey! We don’t complete our part here, we will always be in touch with you post settlement as well to keep you informed about the prevailing loan rates and to secure our relationship.

At MAK, all the clients are equally important regardless of how big or small is their loan amount. We believe in providing the best possible services with our values of honesty and reliability.

Rashi Sethi

Rashi Sethi

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Rashi started her own mortgage broking business in 2016 as virtue HOME loans and grown her business since then. She has been working for various families to get them in the best position for their future. Her aim is to let the families build assets and get financial freedom.

MAK Financial group trading with a credit representative number 526515 under ACL 387025